Wild Dartmoor Woodland

04 August 2011

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Indyarner and templer Way of Doom, East Dartmoor NNR

There’s a lot going on amongst the tall silver oaks in this wild woodland high up on the edge of Dartmoor. Dare to discover it for yourself and come on a wildlife adventure to East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve.

At first you might not believe me.  After all, the migrant birds that filled the woods with their colourful songs have now all flown, to begin their long journeys over the continent to Africa. But stop and listen and you’ll hear the sound of families exploring the network of paths that weave through the trees. On every corner there’s something new to discover; beautiful orange fritillary butterflies, sunning themselves or carpets of wild food; bilberries that taste delicious and stain your fingers and lips betraying your secret snack. And if you want to discover more join us on one of our events- we’ve got everything this summer from Pirate adventures, shelter building and evening bat walks to silk painting workshops and stream dipping.

For more details find us on Facebook or at www.naturalengland.org.uk/nnr.


Post by Andy Bailey from East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve.

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