What is a historic monument?

01 September 2011

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Scrabo TowerScrabo Tower

What is a historic monument?  It’s hard to answer.  Some historic monuments are grand structures, surviving today as imposing cliff top ruins, mysterious settings of stones or great earthworks.  But not every historic monument is a big or ancient structure.  Some were everyday places where ordinary things happened – farmsteads, sites of industry and places of worship.

Some of the historic monuments in Northern Ireland are over 5,000 years old while some were built more recently, in the last century.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA)  http://www.doeni.gov.uk/niea/ ensures that historic monuments in Northern Ireland are treated with respect and care to protect them for future generations.

NIEA looks after 190 monuments the majority of which are open for you to visit with most being free of charge.  There are also a further 1,800 monuments which are protected.

We have a wide range of historic monuments in Northern Ireland including castles, abbeys, towers, tombs and even a windmill.

Some of them are our most iconic landmarks such as Dunluce Castle, Scrabo Tower or Carrickfergus Castle while others are a little more quirky such as Creggandevesky Court Tomb or Beaghmore Stone Circles so there is something to appeal to everyone.

To find out more about many of the historic monuments you can visit log on to http://www.doeni.gov.uk/niea/places_to_visit_home/historic-monuments.htm.

Posted by Clare Oliver, DOENI

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