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31 October 2011

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Water ButtWater Butt

Rain water is a precious resource and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust are running a fun and cheeky awareness campaign with a serious message.

Do you own a water butt or are you thinking of purchasing one? They are calling on you to use your water butts to wash the car, water the plants or even top up your pond. They are also highlighting the benefits that less reliance on mains water has on the environment and your pockets!

You can find out more facts about water butts here and you can also help the WWT learn more about how people are using water in their gardens by completing their 2011 water butt survey. It doesn’t take long and you could be picked to win a WWT membership.

To find out more about the whole campaign and enter their competition to win hundreds of pounds of gardening vouchers please click on Work Your Butt.

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  • December 3, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    Bloged by s.lammond

    I just thought you may like to know,I applied to my local council to instal a water butt as I live in council property, however I was turned down for health and safty reasons!! of which I am still waiting to be told what these are,as IT was going to be installed correctly, apart from the main reasons I grow veg in my yard, the butt would be in a unobstructive place, can you tell me the reasons, I am also on a water meter as I like to save enegy, surly this cant be correct?

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