Walking alongside one of the wildest corners of Kent

28 October 2011

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Reeds in the sun at Stodmarsh Nature ReserveReeds in the sun at Stodmarsh Nature Reserve

Rushing reeds whistling in the wind alongside shimmering ponds and lakes – welcome to Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve, possibly the wildest corner of Kent. Stodmarsh NNR is famous for its reedbeds, marshes, lagoons and wet woodland that make it perfect habitat for a wide range of wildlife especially water birds. Around this time of year the water is starting to fill up with all the winter migrants, flown in to escape harsher weather further north. The ‘peewit’ calls of Lapwings fill the air, especially when a resident Marsh Harriers, or the winter visiting Hen Harriers, circle overhead on the hunt for a meaty meal. You won’t hear the booming call of our resident rarity – the Bittern – till spring, but if you’re really lucky you might spot one skulking in amongst the reeds. You can tell the seasons by the reeds; once a lush green in summer, they are now starting to turn a gorgeous golden shade that looks particularly beautiful when they glow by the water in the sunset.

Stodmarsh Sunset

If you want to discover more, come and join us on one of our events, join our volunteers or arrange a guided visit for your group! This October we’ll be making some really “Wild Art” inspired by the gorgeous nature on the Reserve and using natural objects – some of which is hopefully going to decorate the Reserve for years to come! You can also come and join us on a real nature detective crime hunt – a “Deadly Scene Investigation” from the BBC’s Live’n’Deadly program. For more events or information about what your group could do on the Reserve, email joanna.carter@naturalengland.org.uk or look on the our website www.naturalengland.org.uk/nnr

Posted by Joanne Carter, Natural England

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