Voices in the Heart

28 March 2012

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Voices in the Heart


Voices in the air, on buildings, clothes, skin, vehicles, radios, phones. We scan these tides of sense and nonsense constantly, making stories.

  • Grave Digger  Petrolheads MCC – on leather, on the bus.
  • Boot Locker, Fizzy Lips, Prime Shop to let – arriving in Broadmead.
  • Mummy loves you – a mummy.
  • Don’t let the city destroy our love – inside TK Maxx.
  • Pie, mash, and groovy please –  Pieminister, St Nick’s Market.
  • HP sauce – on the table, for the pie.

Here in this hive brain, much of it is in different languages, is untranslatable, indecipherable, or unpublishable.

  • She’s quite a quiet girl, but – on his phone, one elbow against the wall.
  • Any bicycles left against this railing will be removed – Bristol City Council notice.
  • Well well, could be worse. They could be taking my body down the street in a hearse – the busker in the picture.
  • We are family. I got all my sisters and me – builder singing with his radio, by the cemetery off Tailor’s Court. Where grave-robbers once worked, there are snowdrops like bunches of sisters.

Multi-layered networks, here, now, and never the same again, in the heart of Bristol.

  • We can help you unlock the potential of your savings – leaving Broadmead.
  • Body piercings here – keep on walking and don’t look back.
  • Muller Road please, driver.
  • He’s always just shooting right up – into the restful near silence on the bus back.
  • Bus stopping



Post by our lovely guest blogger Old Teasel.


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