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28 August 2012

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Buxton Memorial Fountain.Buxton Memorial Fountain.

London Beyond Sight, as an idea, sounds amazing; and indeed it does sound amazing!  It’s a project which provides a vocal description, in audio, of several of London’s landmarks, both secret and well known.

Inspired by the need to explain what London looks like to a blind or partially sighted person, VocalEyes asked several prominent Londoners to choose their favourite landmark and say why it’s their favourite.  We then commissioned descriptions of those landmarks, combined the scripts with the personal reflections, asked the celebrity to record that – and hey presto – you can now picture these places, objects, views, bars, learn some fascinating facts about them and focus down on some individual, extraordinarily telling and personal insights.

David Harewood

We have actor David Harewood, who came upon the Buxton Memorial Fountain when cycling past – and discovered the extraordinary connections it had for him with his personal history;  we have Barbara Windsor whose East Enders connections really started when she auditioned for Joan Littlewood at Theatre Royal Stratford East;  and we have the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, chosen by renowned neuroscientist, Professor Susan Greenfield – because for her it is like a monument to our nostalgia.

Gordon’s Wine Bar

Other chosen sites include iconic landmarks like St Paul’s Cathedral and The Cenotaph, balanced by Gordon’s Wine Bar and the Pineapple pub in Kentish Town, or Hampstead Heath and the Jubilee Bridge.

VocalEyes’ aim is to make the arts and culture accessible through audio description – look out for this project and our other work in theatre, architecture, museums and galleries, all on our website www.vocaleyes.co.uk.


Blog by Judy Dixey, VocalEyes


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