Update on Woods, Forests & the Single Tree

05 August 2011

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I’m sitting at my desk and looking out the window. To the left the sun is shining down, but if I look across the office and through the windows on my right – a very different story, as the sky is a thick blanket of grey holding within the clouds lots and lots of rain. Weather wise, if I am being optimistic, I’d say there is something for everyone.

Just like our blog this week – something for everyone I hope. We began at my favourite new discovery, the Lea Valley – it amazes me what is hiding in the shadows of the Olympic Park (give or take a few miles!). We filmed our Country File feature with the Lea Valley park team in May (see photo). We put the call to action out and mustgetoutmore took the call and headed out to discover Highgate Woods whilst Old Teasel set about waxing lyrical about the tangle of brambles. Natural England joined in the conversation and helped us all discover the Nature Reserves. We found some unique inhabitants in East Dartmoor – I’m talking about the creatures in the photo at the bottom of the post! Meanwhile the Meet the Species team helped over 3000 people discover what was in the woods at the WOMAD festival. It would seem Charlton Park bats don’t mind a bit of world music.

Now the weekend is upon us and it’s prime time to get out and discover. I’ll be joining the Meet the Species team at the Lollipbop festival in Regent’s Park. What will you be doing? Whatever it is, make sure you let us know what you’re up to or post a picture on our Facebook page.

Over the coming weekend do try and hug a tree (go on it’ll make you smile) and remember “that’s not rain – it’s liquid sunshine”.

Have fun.

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