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12 August 2011

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A handsome bird spotted at Vauxhall City Farm, London.A handsome bird spotted at Vauxhall City Farm, London.


Our guest blogger mustgetoutmore inspired Team DP to do just that – so we abandoned our computers, put the out of office on our emails and headed South – South London that is to Vauxhall City Farm, all in the name of research of course!

Vauxhall City Farm is such a gem set back from the railway line and the huge roundabout with constant traffic and surrounded by blocks to flats on 3 sides.  If you had no idea that city farms existed then coming across it must be quite baffling really.

Vauxhall City Farm, London

Another beautiful chick

"Please do not touch the birds!"


As you can see by the photos we took our research quite seriously!

It has been a London heavy blog this week so I hope we hear from you lot outside of London about your adventures.  Although, you can discover more than just London locations in “the nature reserve next door” blog post on 8th August. Tanya from the Wildlife Trusts blog revealed an amazing choice of marine reserves to be discovered as well as Nature Reserves.   So as our call to action is On Safari in Green Spaces – so we can discover who we share our spaces with – then a marine reserve would be an underwater safari in green watery space.

As the saying goes “it’s a jungle out there” which means there is no excuse to not go on safari this weekend in your local lush green space and tell us about it.  And feel free to take a leave out of Mustgetoutmore and Team DP book and make sure you locate good coffee and food at the same time.

Have fun!

New haircut?

Sorry if we get "behind" on the blog...


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