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28 August 2011

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A Single FlowerA Single Flower

Nearly a month has flown by since I wrote my first blog post.  Looking over our first month’s blog posts we have unearthed a fantastic array of places ready for you to discover.  We have taken up the mission to discover woodlands, forests, trees, 3 sided squares, village greens, local parks and species we share our green spaces with and ended up in the garden.

The picture above shows my latest major garden achievement – yes this single tiny daisy I grew from a seed and it’s the first time I have ever achieved such success!  Thank you OPAL for your pack of wildflower seeds which have indeed begun to burst into bloom!

This week we’ve looked up high to window sill garden, looked down on Old Teasels garden the a partly paved clearing in unintended woodland, with.  We have looked through the arch window and discussed the merits of being able to read a map and locate even more hidden gardens and discovered literally an Oasis of a nature garden not to mention the MTS team findings at the Green man festival and much much more.  This weekend I’m heading off to the Lea Valley Regional Park to join in the launch of their wonderful new project Wild Place Your Space community garden – find out more.

Our first month has been such fun but it’s been quite London based – so next month we are going Global!  Find out more on Monday.

I started the month with a blog about the Rowan sapling I had been given.  You can see below it has been joined by the wildflowers at it’s base and it has grown a whole brick!

Rowan Tree and Flower

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

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