Uncovering Ancient (& Modern) Egypt in London’s streets

01 September 2011

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Sphinx, LondonSphinx, London

Egypt has long played a part in our collective imagination.  The treasures of the pyramids, Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, the Biblical crossing of the Red Sea, the river Nile, Nasser and the Suez conflict, and now the Arab Spring have all left a mark in our minds.  What signs and symbols from Ancient Egypt and modern times can we uncover in the streets of London?

Investigating artists Simon Waters and Andrew Stuck just so happen to be running an Egyptian Walk as part of their After Work Works scheme next week which fits perfectly with our World in the UK theme. There is a small cost but you can join them on their exploratory endeavour, from St Pancras station and the glamorously restored Gilbert Scott Hotel to Cleopatra’s Needle, past two of the world’s great collections of Egyptian treasure.

Cleopatra's Needle, London

With your help, their aim is to uncover the traces of Egypt that lie in our streets, formal squares and building decoration, and to re-illuminate the darker bits of history of London’s relationship with Ancient & Modern Egypt.  By coming together and walking this 2.5 mile route, through London’s culturally rich landscape, Simon and Andrew are inviting participants to dig deep into their sub-conscious, to trigger their creative impulses to form a new collective imagination of the discoveries and treasure of Ancient (& Modern) Egypt.

For more information about their After Work Walk on Wednesday 7th September, please email Andrew Stuck at andrew@rethinkingcities.net

By Andrew Stuck, Director and Founder of Rethinking Cities Ltd.

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