The Teasel Towers Spot-the-Toothbrush Teaser

25 April 2012

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Teasel Towers Spot-the-Toothbrush Teaser

Huzzah! ‘Now that April’s there,’ the gardens at Teasel Towers are open to the public. The crab-apple tree is ‘in tiny leaf,’ and as you can see, a reception is being laid out by Mrs Teasel for the first visitors. Obviously you can’t see the full extent of the grounds here, though to be honest, you nearly can, and Teasel-Cat’s drinking bucket – our edgy but practical water feature – is also out of shot. But come on in anyway and …

Try the Teasel Towers Teaser

  1. Mrs T employs an old toothbrush as a dibber. Where in the picture is it?
  2. Which pot contains chives?
  3. How many fish are there in the paving?
  4. Where are the primroses?
  5. What flavour are the crisps on the table? a) parsnip, b) lightly salted, c) teasel
  6. The olive-wood bowl contains which nut? a) pistachio, b) olive, c) wing
  7. What is the green thing on the wall for?
  8. Is Mrs T’s gooseberry cutting near the chives doing well, would you say?
  9. Where would you sow parsley and mint?
  10. Where do the quotes come from?

How did you get on?

  1. next to a blue chair
  2. the top right one
  3. two (blue)
  4. to the left of the toothbrush
  5. b
  6. a
  7. kneeling on
  8. you bet
  9. in the two big pots on the right
  10. Home Thoughts from Abroad by Robert Browning

Congratulations! Have an olive.


Post by our lovely guest blogger Old Teasel.

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