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08 August 2011

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Camley Street Natural Park. Copyright © Christopher John Ball, August 2011.Camley Street Natural Park. Copyright © Christopher John Ball, August 2011.


The Wildlife Trusts manage around 2,300 nature reserves, covering town, country, field, hill, coastline and more. Most are free to visit and, with a little exploration, they yield the most rewarding experiences with nature. Some of our reserves are nestled in the most surprising places. There’s London Wildlife Trust’s award-winning Camley Street Natural Park, where the occasional kingfisher drops by, a stone’s throw from London St Pancras International. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Pearson Park wildlife garden hums with bees in the centre of Hull and Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s Brockholes, where orchids bloom on grassy banks beneath the M6 motorway, just outside Preston.

Brockholes. Copyright © Jason Lock Photography, August 2011

Opportunities for discovery at The Wildlife Trusts’ reserves are endless. Snorkel at Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve, among colourful anemones and coralline seaweeds. Try and catch a glimpse of the rare white-faced darter dragonfly, re-introduced by Cumbria Wildlife Trust, as you stroll along the boardwalk at Foulshaw Moss. Or gape in awe as an osprey swoops for an unsuspecting fish, at Leicestershire &Rutland Wildlife Trust’ and Anglian Water’s Rutland Water nature reserve.

Beadlet anemone, Sennen. Copyright © Paul Naylor, August 2011

Perhaps best of all, simply find your nearest Wildlife Trust reserve, sit down, and relax. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. If you are a member of your local Wildlife Trust, you are helping ensure the next generation can do the same. Even if your local reserve is not a sweeping panorama, it’s a place to be proud of within your community. It might well be one of the most important discoveries you ever make. Start the search at

Osprey. Copyright © Stefan Johansson, August 2011


Post by Tanya Perdikou at The Wildlife Trusts.

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