Talacharn Trails

11 May 2012

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Copyright © Prue ThimblebyCopyright © Prue Thimbleby

Talacharn Trails and Tales is a storybased installation running everyday from June 16th – July 15th at Laugharne Castle in South Wales.

Enter the enchanted castle and find yourself is a world of stories. Peep through the gatehouse at ghosts from the civil war. Be surprised by voices from the past sharing their memories of what was Dylan Thomas’ Undermilkwood. Follow riddles and find the trails. Discover the stories of medieval plants and the children who are playing hide and seek. Above all beware the giant hiding in the tower!

Copyright © Prue Thimbleby

Laugharne Castle, south Wales. Copyright © Prue Thimbleby

From the opening on June 16th to the arrival of the pilgrims (welcomed by coracles and celebrated in dance) on June 29th to the promenade performance of Blodeuwedd and The Physicians of Myddffai on July 14th Laugharne Castle will be a great place to visit this summer.

Copyright © Prue Thimbleby

Copyright © Prue Thimbleby

The event has been created by local children and community members working with lead artist Prue Thimbleby with support from Artscare, Cadw and Carmarthenshire County Council. It is part of Cauldrons and Furnaces.

Cauldrons and Furnaces has been funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK.


Post by Prue Thimbleby, Lead Artist at Laugharne Castle.

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