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24 August 2011

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London is one of those cities where many people navigate around it using a tube map. Now I’ve nothing against a tube map, if you need to work out where you are going on the London Underground network – but it isn’t the map to use to navigate London as it’s not in proportion to what is on the ground. A number of years ago we had a stand at an event in Regents Park, London. As part of the stand we had a giant map of London. It was amazing standing at the side of the map and listening to the comments – “I never knew there was a park around the corner from my house” or “I could walk there rather than get the tube” or “I never knew that was there …”. You get the idea. When people were confronted with a scale map of London suddenly a whole new world was opened up to them – what had been hidden from sight was now in full view for all to see.

Most towns and cities have hidden gems that you may not see from the street but you will see on a good map. An Ordnance Survey map gives you an eagle’s eye view of an area. It enables you to look over walls, see behind fences and discover what had previously been kept hidden from you. Being able to interpret what the map is telling you opens up this whole new world that had previously been left undiscovered. You could find footpaths, ponds, bridges, woodland and historic monuments that you hadn’t realised were on your doorstep. See what hidden gems you can discover.

Holly Barber, Ordnance Survey

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