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19 March 2012

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Allt Coire Giubhsachan, above Steall, Glen Nevis. Keith Brame/ John Muir Trust "Wildland" photography project. Copyright © Keith Brame, http://kbrame.blogspot.comAllt Coire Giubhsachan, above Steall, Glen Nevis. Keith Brame/ John Muir Trust "Wildland" photography project. Copyright © Keith Brame,

Walking on the high summits above Glen Nevis, I encountered two women who said they were walking the West Highland Way. I suggested they were a little off their route, and they said they had become happily distracted from their original plan!

The deep glens and high mountains around Nevis can be very distracting. I have had the opportunity to explore Glen Nevis with a camera to take photographs for the John Muir Trust, the Scottish conservation group who aim to look after such beautiful places and to maintain their wild character.

Scots Pine trees in Glen Nevis in winter, looking towards Ben Nevis and Meall Cumhann. Copyright © Keith Brame,

Pine tree in Nevis gorge, upper Glen Nevis, with the slopes of Ben Nevis in the background. Keith Brame/John Muir Trust Wild Land Photography project. Copyright © Keith Brame,

Such wildness is a privilege to experience and an education, and exploring it all with a camera is a wonderful way of focussing your attention, as well as provoking many questions:

What created the beautiful rock formations? Which flower’s brief blossom means the same thing in several languages and gives a clue as to why it is hard to photograph? What do the Gaelic names of the mountains and valleys mean, and what does this tell us about the human history of the empty glens? How did a man with a wee woolly hat help prevent a flood?

Pines, upper Glen Nevis. John Muir Trust Wild Land photography project. Copyright © Keith Brame,

Some of these questions are answered in a blog that I have been writing about photographing ‘Wild Land’ in Scotland.

As well as taking photographs, I teach photography, and I am learning how to create and share some of my favourite photographic routes online. Using online maps, I mark places of photographic interest and try to explain how to get the best pictures and make discoveries on the way. I will give some tips and information, but I will also ask questions to send you on a journey too. That’s the plan. If it’s successful, we will all find some fantastic distractions…


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  • March 21, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Bloged by Rob Bushby

    Thoroughly enjoyed the blog, Keith, well worth a browse. Look forward to seeing how the photographic routes shape up…

  • March 22, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Bloged by Keith Brame

    Thanks Rob, the OS maps online are tremendous for planning trips, or just daydreaming! I do a lot of that, but I call it research.

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