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30 August 2012

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Paralympic Torch at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Image from the BBCParalympic Torch at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Image from the BBC

The summer of 1948 when London was host to the Olympic Games for the second time,a little known parallel sporting event was taking place at a small hospital called Stoke Mandeville in Buckinhamshire. It was there that the pioneering Doctor Ludwig Guttmann transformed the care of spinal patients through the use of sports and physical activity. He also had the idea that one day there would be a parallel olympics for disabled people around the world to coincide with the Olympic Games.  Last night we were lucky enough to witness the Paralympic torch ceremony at the hospital, sixty four years after Dr. Guttman’s pioneering project first began. We can only imagine how amazed he would have been to see his vision come to life here in London at tonight’s opening ceremony.

You can find out more about the history of Stoke Mandeville hospital, the birthplace of the Paralympic Games and Sir Ludwig Guttmann here

The lovely people at have created a brilliant map for you to get a handle on the venues across London and beyond. Click on the link – London Paralympic Venues for more information.

And, if that’s not enough excitement for you, here is a little link to all of the sporting events and activities happening throughout the amazing Paralympic Games


If you’ve got any stories about your experiences with Stoke Mandeville or any of the games or venues please let us know. We’d really love to hear from you below.


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