Meet The Species

Meet the Species was a bona-fide scientific research project which took place over 18 months.  It was a research project with a difference.  It was a digital experience, online community, arts project, education project and, above all, encouraged outdoor active participation. The project took the form of a race to collect records for a list of 2,012 species which has been created by a scientific committee. The other elements of the project were geared towards volunteers creating authentic scientific records for the species on the list through a myriad of projects, and driving public engagement with biodiversity and open spaces. Meet the Species has drawn together audiences, places, biodiversity, and artists in an over-arching theme of engagement with wildlife and natural heritage.

From March 2011 to September 2012 nearly 150 thrilling events, with thousands of participants joined the race up and down the country, meeting around 4,600 species along the way of which 1,759 were on our target list. Meet the Species made a significant contribution to conservation research by generating just under 12,500 biological records. This data will be used by scientists and conservationists to monitor the state of the UK’s wildlife, influencing the decisions made by land managers and politicians in the future.

 A massive thank you goes out to all of the naturalists, scientists, organisations, schools and individuals who have volunteered their time, skills and efforts to help with Meet the Species and of course to all those who contributed to our Final Lap Blog! All in over 40,000 of you took part and we hope you had fun…we know we did! So whether you’ve iSpotted your wildlife sightings, joined a Meet the Species accredited event, met the team at one of our feature events or joined in the Final Lap blog, thank you so much for joining the race. Of course you can continue to take part in any of the amazing surveys run by organisations all over the country.

The important thing now is to keep up the good work!

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