Old Teasel’s Hyperbole Competition

24 February 2012

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Old Teasel's hyperbole competition

Welcome to 1960s Bath. In front of us is Parade Gardens, and the dinky little kiosk is where you pay. In my day it was a farthing. There were also flower-beds like cupcakes, and the bandstand caused the invention of rock music. The subject of this pilgrimage, however, is at the edges.

Find the terrace below the skyline. Here, the nine Teasel siblings were raised. A bit swanky you might think, but actually, in the warmer months we lived up trees in second-hand clothes. Highlights were our cat fighting a rat, chasing Sibling 6 down the lane with a damp tea-towel for resisting the washing up, and the foraging.

We spent a lot of time in the church you can see. Here Sibling 5 once spectacularly lost a wild mushroom breakfast on the altar. Our primary school was here too. Luckily, I could read before I arrived, though they did teach me to count on my fingers. Beyond Parade Gardens are the Recreation Ground, home of Bath RFC, and the Pavilion. On the Rec we had sportsdays (egg-and-spoon race with potatoes), and down the Pav I saw the Kinks with Becky. I then invented Flower Power and left to study Maths and Hyperbole, returning only today.

Congratulations. You spotted 4 instances of hyperbole:

  • farthing
  • invention of rock
  • living up trees
  • the last sentence.

You win a trip to the Bath Festival of Blues on the Rec in 1969. Far out. See you there.


Post by our lovely guest blogger Old Teasel.

  • February 24, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    Bloged by no. 9

    are you the nutter with the rolled up tea towel who traumatized little people?

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