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30 September 2011

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Elephants from Sri LankaElephants from Sri Lanka

I’ve always tried not to get carried away purchasing trinkets when I’m abroad in some exotic location. Its like a romance, I’ve fallen in love with the culture, marvelled at the Buddhas, the Moroccan slippers, the bejewelled ickle wooden boxes only to find that once back home their appeal wanes as fast as their sheen rubs off. (Yep says a lot for my relationships)

However, it is only when I get round to dusting this motley collection of mine, that I find I’m transported back to their origin  (save the oversized panda from Disneyland, California). Which is probably what I’ve been doing when I’ve made that purchase  – in essence I’ve been trying to bottle the experience to make it a last a little longer than the plane journey. So, in order of preference my smorgasboard of hoardings include:

3 Ostrich eggs from South Africa
Surprisingly tough and collected over different trips, one stuffed into my rucksack whilst “backpacking” and the other on a much more lavish tour when the Rand was incredibly favourable and I could live it up along the Garden Route in some beautiful hotels and still have money for chips. I love these – and so do my children who can’t get over the size.

Ostrich Eggs from South Africa

Elephants from Sri-Lanka
Honeymoon purchases after we’d been to the elephant orphanage near Kandy, and had watched mesmirised for over an hour at the baby elephant taking delight on the wobbly stones in the river and then giggled at another randy pair practising for babies.

Elephants from Sri Lanka

Fez bowl from Morocco
I haggled in Essaouira for it and was so pleased with the price, I was told it was the original work of the Fez using china and leather. But hey what do I know, think its beautiful – though I’ve never quite got round to putting it up.

Fez Bowl from Essaouira

Traditional doll from South Korea
Tacky as hell, but my daddy brought it back for me when I was 5 and I find I can’t throw it out.

South Korean Doll

A possible fossil from Ile de Re
I’m no geologist but I found an interesting stone with a hint of a fossil in it. It was found whilst playing on the beach with my children this summer, I love it and I didn’t even have to chip away at some cliff edge for it, if only I could find it now.

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