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16 November 2011

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Tuk Tuk

My eclectic collections aren’t so much about things I’ve brought back from my holidays but the memories I’ve had including the modes of transport I’ve taken. I love to travel, I love planes, trains and automobiles, buses, boats and bikes, walking, trekking, climbing and moving. I can’t really even sit in one place for very long. I am a mover (though I am not a shaker).

In my years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel in rickshaws in Delhi, in tuk tuks in Kampala, in a helicopter in New York, in a Rolls Royce in Hong Kong, on a goldola in Venice, on the bullet train in Japan, on horse back in Austria, on a camel in Dubai, on coaches in France, on speed boats in Greece and most importantly on my favourite ferry across the Mersey.


But this year’s highlight – was taking off in a sea plane over the great barrier reef – admittedly, the pilot of the seven seater plane was concerned about whether we’d be able to take off with my hefty chasis aboard but off we went, flying over the reef with the windows open and the wind rushing in was breathtaking – the reef below – a sanctuary of coral heaven.

Travel has changed me, and not just the visiting of different places and meeting lovely people – but the journeys too – on a plane I feel ‘worldless’ as if I matter to everyone and no one all at the same time. I escape, I dream, I induldge my imagination. On a train, I watch and I listen, I often talk to strangers. Traveling alone or with loved onesfills me with excitement – I look forward to the journey nearly as much as I look forward to the destination. I am the journey man.

Post by our guest blogger Square Dancer.

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