Loving it up in London

17 August 2011

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Museum of Walking - Andrew Stuck

Andrew Stuck, walking artist, is a man constantly looking for new and creative ways to explore place and neighborhood. With so much of our cities designed by architects and designers who often do not live and play in the neighborhoods they design, Andrew devised Loved Up London – in part an investigation into what makes a place romantic and an exploration of places that inspire romance for Londoners.

“Where are all those special places that touch our gentler souls, soften our hearts, enhance our romantic moments or just make us feel good?”

What makes a place romantic? What qualities are we yearning for and how do we know when we have found a place that resonates with our inner sense of self, a place that lifts our soul, calms the mind and encourages us to feel a sense of connection and tranquility.

“We all have a sense when a place makes us feel safe where our heart and soul is lifted but what qualities enables this to happen is fascinating to me”

Joining this walk participants explore their romance and find out what makes a place one of romance they learn about themselves, their community and how romantic they can be!

Wednesday After Work Walks are participatory artistic investigations – “the art is in taking part” – prompted by a handful of props including found objects, participants are drawn into a sensory investigation of parks in the north of Lambeth.

Find out more about Rethinking Cities and Museum of Walking here.

By Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities.

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