Is your pond in good enough shape to attract wildlife?

23 October 2011

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Pond Dipping at Cheltenham Science FestivalPond Dipping at Cheltenham Science Festival

Do you have a pond in your back garden or perhaps one at school that you’d like to do a spot of pond dipping in?

The Pond Conservation organisation are looking for pond dippers all over the county to take part in The Pond Dip to find out if your ponds are in good enough shape to attract wildlife.

The simple information that you are asked to collect in the Big Pond Dip survey will help improve the advice on pond design and management that the Pond Conservation offer.  There’s a downloadable paper form to take with you to your chosen pond and an online form to complete which enables you to share the data you’ve collected.

It’s quick and easy to do and a great family activity that could be done on an evening or at the weekend.

Please head to the Pond Conservation website for more information and remember to follow the safety tips before you start.

Share your findings with us as well on our blog, facebook or twitter sites.

Happy pond dipping.

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