Highgate Woods

03 August 2011

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Highgate Woods

I was acting on a tip-off from a friend who said these woods were really good for larking about in, lots of gnarled-upturned trees to climb on and places to hide. Quite honestly in winter you’ll be able to see the road so you can see how close we really are, but these are a good introduction for children who seem to be allergic to walking. We are still bribing our 3 year old with the promise of cake or ice cream if she manages to go a 100 yards without pleading with her father for “shoulders”. Fortunately this wood really delights and they skipped along merrily diverting from the paths to the aforementioned tree trunks, ripe for scrambling on to, followed by a little precarious balancing, before hurling themselves off into brambles below.

There’s plenty of dense areas for Gruffalo-hunting; which is still a favourite, even the five year old, plays along and has to look for tracks.

It does help that after a short but pleasant amble there’s a children’s playground and a place for tea.  The only disappointment for me, was that it was a car journey to get there. My children are still not that good at doing distance and it would be a trek up the picturesque Holloway Road to get there. Nevertheless, as a brief introductory get out there and do something different then Highgate Woods is promising.

Plus points: adults can take arty photos of wood land and bark.

Children are dazzled by lots of trunks to clamber over

Still not too far from ice-cream

Low points: you’re not that far from the road, and it’s very, very popular


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  • August 3, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Ian Lush Bloged by Ian Lush

    Absolutely right, and also well worth crossing the road to Queen’s Woods which is a bit less ‘developed’ and has a charming Hansel and Gretel-like cafe as well.

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