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04 December 2011

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Gretel and Hansel. Copyright © Krazy Kat Theatre Company 2011Gretel and Hansel. Copyright © Krazy Kat Theatre Company 2011

I’ve been taking my children to the Half Moon Theatre in Limehouse,  East London, for a couple of years now.  It’s not the sort of place you would normally seek out, as it’s in a rather scruffy, somewhat forgotten part of London, situated near a major road that leads you straight out of the capital and onto better prospects. However The Half Moon theatre is very much a regular destination for me in the winter months, when they host Saturday theatre for children. I have to say I miss them when they’re not on.

The theatre can only be described as an austere victorian building which apparently once belonged to a utility company. The grey (obviously once white) facade doesn’t look very welcoming from the outside, luckily the colour is found inside, in its box of theatrical offerings.  I look forward to the Winter programme and find it lights up weekends when I’ve failed to think of something imaginative to do.  My children are 6 and 4 so finding something that appeals to both can be tricky, but luckily their programme is diverse and thought provoking. Shows tend to last 40 minutes to an hour, usually with a healthy dose of audience participation and voyage of discovery. They’ll do traditional with a “twist”, tales from Australia, to physical theatre, all providing a much needed antidote to the Barbie-obsessed world my daughters inhabit.

Performances are well priced at £6 per head, so its not going to break the bank, still a treat, but an affordable one which will entice you back again. We’ve recently seen “A Roo In My Suitcase” which was fun and had silly songs about the animals found in Australia, (much much more than the Kangaroo and Koala it seems) and we’re off to see Gretel and Hansel on 17th December. I was disappointed we didn’t book early enough for the Night before Christmas, but hey we’ve got out seasonal dose from the Hackney Empire‘s Cinderella. This is the total opposite to the Half Moon, its brash, loud and full on.

I can just about cope with it once a year.

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