Get Involved: The Big Tree Plant

05 August 2011

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Tree canopy, Highgate

If this week’s challenge has made you into an avid tree hugger, why not have a go at planting your own tree? This weekend is the perfect opportunity to check out The Big Tree Plant’s campaign to breathe new life into towns and cities using trees. They are depending on you to get involved in this “greening” mission, to make your towns into greener, more pleasant places to live. So whether you’re an eco warrior, or simply admire the beauty of the single tree, get involved with planting trees in your local area – and get your friends, family and neighbours to lend a hand with the digging!

To join a tree planting event, or to learn how to love and care for your sapling, then check out the The Big Tree Plant’s website, where you can also keep track of how many trees have sprouted up across England thanks to the campaign.

Remember to post your comments and photos on here or Facebook, telling us about your tree-related discoveries or your plans for any forest fun this weekend!

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