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27 August 2011

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Daisy, Daisy © Anna GodsiffDaisy, Daisy © Anna Godsiff

Are you a rebel with a rake? A menace with a seed bomb? Then join the troops at Guerrilla Gardening, and unlock the growing potential of unloved and abandoned spaces in your local area. Learn how to turn disused plots of lands into gardens that will bloom with flowers and vegetables, and reward your local community with food and beautiful green spaces. The Guerrilla Gardening website has handy tips for new recruits and details of talks and events in all corners of the globe.

Have you ever been involved in any sneaky guerrilla gardening expeditions? Or are you itching to get your hands on a patch of wasteland for your raspberry canes? Let us know about your secret gardening adventures here on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

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