Expose on Walcot Square

16 August 2011

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Walcot Square, London SE11Walcot Square, London SE11

Walcot Square is really a triangle! Click on the link for a voyage of discovery.

I hope you enjoy my expose on Walcot Square or should we say Walcot Triangle!

I became quite engrossed with my commentary and amateur camera angles that I did not notice the elderly lady in her front garden behind me.

She had been there for over half an hour watching me as I walked around the parameter of this three sided square talking to myself.  I suspect she thought I was a bit bonkers rather than the urban explorer on a mission!  I’ll drop her a note with the blog link I think.

But if anyone knows where the 4th Side of Walcot Square is or have found another 3 sided square or even a square that is Oval or and Oval that is square then now is the time to tell us.

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