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03 August 2011

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Exmoor Ponies, Natural EnglandExmoor Ponies, Natural England

Natural England is proud to look after over 130 National Nature Reserves across England. They represent many of the finest wildlife and geological sites in the country, providing unique environments where some of England’s most extraordinary wild plants and animals flourish – commonplace species rubbing shoulders with national rarities.

National Nature Reserves are wonderful places to discover at any time of the year, either as a visit under your own steam or on one of our many organised events. At our popular summer events programme, you can flit with the bats, learn about moths, learn the stealthy art of camouflage or go on a bog safari. For some events there is a small charge towards our costs, but at other times you can visit the reserves for free.

With surveys showing that children are increasingly being denied the opportunity to explore outdoors, we hope that Natural England’s calendar of outdoor adventures will help to inspire the environmentalists of the future; giving young people and families a wider appreciation of nature, offering fun and enjoyment for all, and enabling more people to experience the sheer health-giving pleasure of being free to explore outdoors.

Over the coming weeks, some of our National Nature Reserve managers will be blogging to let you know what there is to discover and enable you to find out more about some of the special sites on your doorstep and further afield.


Post by Emma Lusby from Natural England.

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