Call to Action: Discovering historical finds and not so historical finds…

19 September 2011

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Medicine BottlesMedicine Bottles

As we continue our discovery of how the world manifests itself within the UK our call to action this week draws on Historical Finds and the not so historical finds….

I was thinking about what I’d discovered or found in my time and drew a complete blank but then I remembered growing up in the Somerset countryside and going on long walks my mum and dog Sandy up to the ‘tump’ – a very large mound for those of you unfamiliar with the country bumpkin language.

In the 80’s metal detectors were all the rage but for mum and I a good old spade did the job.  We would meander up the road and head for the bottom of the mound amongst the brambles and tall grass and dig our spades right in!  Even Sandy our dog would get his paws stuck in to help us discover hidden treasures.

For some, medicine bottles of all shapes and colours might not seem like much of a treasure, but to little old me at 10 years old, the glass bottles with their funny writing on was just wonderful.  I remember so well, taking our bag of goodies home with us and washing off the years of dirt and silt they had collected and putting them proudly on my windowsill where the sun shone through them all and made them glisten.

Who needs a metal detector… there is so much out there to discover and I’m off to buy myself another spade!

If you’re inspired to go out and dig, the Council for British Archaeology offer some great ideas on how to ‘Get Involved.’

If you have found or find something interesting we’d love you to share it with us.

Happy digging!

Anna Godsiff, DP Project Assistant


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