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28 December 2011

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People of Note, Bristol

You’ll doubtless recognise the bass riff on Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac here. When we’re singing it, the basses in People of Note go dada da dam ba da da 50-odd times, though obviously different notes are involved as well. Sometimes we get words too, which may be in foreign languages, such as Russian, Xhosa, or Portuguese. But, words or not, the bass section are (according to us) the harmonic foundation and rhythmic driving force of our acapella community choir. We are, as one of us put it, ‘the damp course in the wall of sound.’

People of Note was started as a performance group by Nick Petts and Nickomo Clarke in 2000, and are led now by Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke. We sing all sorts – ancient and modern, traditional and not, from all over the world.  We have a touring wing, Ponita, run by the choir, to enable us to sing all over the place too. We’ve sung as far afield as Galway and Barcelona, and in the picture we’re on the Mathew in our home town Bristol.

I don’t know if it’s all that oxygen, the community spirit, or the harmonies of the spheres, but it’s very cheery-uppy. Not a bass? No-one’s perfect. Don’t think you can sing? Don’t worry. Can’t read notation? Not a problem. Just immerse yourself in music.  

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