Crystal Palace – end of the line or new horizons?

04 November 2011

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Crystal Palace Park DinosaursCrystal Palace Park Dinosaurs

I’ve already waxed lyrical in previous blogs about my new tube link ; the East London line. Its so totally fab, clean and free from the perils (so far) of the graffiti pen and vandalism and hurtles me past the uber trendy Shoreditch and ‘down sarf’ without the aggro of congestion charge and a myriad of roadworks sent to perplex both motorist and cyclist.

The line has made visits from my aged parents easier and excursions to the numerous children’s farms along the route inexcusable, a whole 35 minutes later and we’re at Crystal Palace ready to be greeted by some friendly faces.

Its a dream for wannabe Palintologists… I brought my youngest to meet her grandparents during the summer holidays and she was suitably thrilled by all the relics on display (not just the Aged Ps). The clever landscaping means the discovery of certain friends are a surprising find, lurking around a corner. They’re interesting enough to emit a “ooh” from her slightly older cousins too, old enough to read the descriptions but not so old that they passed it off as the stuff for the toddlers only.

I’ve been impressed by the tarting up of this park… I used to come as a child myself and the visit to the dinosaurs was always a highlight but even then my six year old discerning eye could spot the paint peeling off and the remnants of a project somewhat abandoned.

Obviously someone with more than a casual interest has had some input and its really fun dino tracking around the lake. Though my 3 year old was worried they’d be after her picnic.

I do have to grumble about the steps at the station. They’re steep and plentiful and the tread is very narrow. If you’re on your own with a buggy, you’ll have to make your small child walk or beg for the kindness of strangers. Its for that reason that my partially sighted pa isnt’ so keen on the station, but nearby Anerley is a little more user-friendly.

I think the restoration of the dinosaurs has elevated the park (ok it has a prime sports centre and a boating lake and a very good play area) to a destination zone – well worth crossing the Thames for.

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