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14 March 2012

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People of Note community choir at St George's, Bristol. Photography by Catherine Braun.People of Note community choir at St George's, Bristol. Photography by Catherine Braun.


My cult following, remembering me as a Flower Child in my last post, might be surprised to hear me confess that I’ve enjoyed performing a Bee Gees number  – in four part harmony. True we’ve also done Days by the Kinks, Let it Flow by Eric Clapton, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Rolling Who, among much other very fine music. But the Bee Gees? Yes, in People of Note, and at St George’s Bristol no less, where the Beeb sometimes broadcast from.

Talk about exposed. Talk about challenging your musical prejudices. But that’s part of being in a community choir. And because we sing across a vast range of music, I sometimes find myself going dum-dum-dum at the telly to something half-remembered that we’ve performed. This happened recently with the Gibb brothers’ To Love Somebody – the theme for upcoming BBC drama White Heat, also recorded by Nina Simone. And if Nina Simone can sing the Bee Gees …

So why not come and have both ears filled splendidly at our annual concert on 1st July at St Georges? Among other treats: not only Fleetwood Mac, the Pretenders, and Spandau Ballet, but also a sculpture by ee cummings, songs in Swahili and Portuguese – and special this year: Old Teasel does the Gibb brothers’ remix of Thomas Tallis’ Spem in Alium, all 40 parts, with beat-boxing, solo.

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Post by our lovely guest blogger Old Teasel.

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