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02 November 2011

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Stockwell Bus Garage from flickerStockwell Bus Garage from flicker

It’s November!

This month we’re blogging about transport – what we travel on, the routes we take, travel paraphernalia, travel collections, abandoned travel routes and what we can find on our travels.  But we’re starting this month at the end!  Well the end of the line and the challenge to take a journey to the end of the line.

I had planned a great journey to Foxton in Cambridgeshire – it is the end of a train route and as a young lass growing up in New Zealand was dragged along with my many siblings every year to Foxton Beach for our holidays. So I thought this would be a journey of discovery and homage to the past.  However a bout of flu scuppered these plans.

I have now recovered from the flu so good news, it wasn’t the end of the line for me there!  But I was still on a mission to find the end of the line.  Then last night walking home I discovered not only the end of the line but a completely new world at the end of the line!

Stockwell Bus Station – the end of the line for hundreds of bus routes.  Opened in 1952 it was the largest area enclosed by a single roof in Europe at the time.  The whale backed roof was made of reinforced concrete as there was a shortage of steel.  It is an stunning building and has a loyal local following, and has recently become a grade II listed building.

Whale roof at Stockwell Garage courtesy of Flicker

There is often a traffic jam along Binfield Road as all the buses come  in at the end of shift.  It is a quirky sight to see as they all stack up from both directions waiting to get into the garage.  It seems all the drivers know one another and the banter and joking is very entertaining.

I hope you enjoy the Discovering Places journey this month and look forward to hearing your tales.

Posted by Claire Horan, DP Project Manager

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