Call to Action: On Safari… in Green Spaces

08 August 2011

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A very urban llama.A very urban llama.

Team DP go on safari…as we investigate who else we share our green spaces with…

Before we head off on this week’s adventure I wanted to reflect on last week – that would be a watery reflection.  I wrote my last blog post last Thursday evening and I made reference to liquid sunshine – aka rain!  Well I saw a lot of liquid sunshine whilst in Regents Park on Sunday help the Meet the Species team!  There was not a lot of tree hugging, but a lot of tree huddling as everyone sheltered from the torrential rain.

Tree huddling at a rainy Lollibop Festival

We’ve had a steady trickle of posts on our Facebook page about your favourite green spaces, so perhaps this week’s call to action will be a damn buster and we’ll be awash with your comments.

This week we’re off on safari, heading down to the farm and wanting to investigate who else do we share our green spaces with?

We’ll take you to the Derbyshire Dales to discover butterflies, then The Wildlife Trusts will take you across the UK with unique places you can visit. We discover a real hidden gem that is slightly soggy in south west London, and go llama-hunting in East London.  Then of course there are your suggestions to be added – leave us a comment here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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