Call to Action: Objects from your Travels

26 September 2011

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Feng shui charms hopefully bringing luck and prosperity to my home.Feng shui charms hopefully bringing luck and prosperity to my home.

Objects tell important stories about who we are and where we’ve been. I sometimes wonder what would happen if you traced an object’s journey over its lifetime – the places it had been, the owners it had acquired along the way, and how it had come to be where it is now. Even the most ordinary-looking knick-knack would have made an impressive journey!

Continuing The World in the UK theme this week, we’re looking at the objects and souvenirs that you, or your ancestors, have brought back from your travels. Because my flat is a mish-mash of objects from different cultures (from Thailand to South America), the task of choosing one object to start our call to action was a daunting prospect. In order to guarantee a lucky start to the week, I decided to include a picture of the Asian feng shui charms that hang on my living-room door. Whilst two of them are from my childhood spent in Singapore, the other’s origins are a bit of a mystery to me. I found the pair of slippers hanging up in a charity shop off Tottenham Court Road in London, and something told me they should be reunited with my charms at home. The slippers could be Chinese or South Korean (any ideas?) – all I know is that they have a new place in my home, alongside the auspicious teapot and fish charms.

We are looking at all sorts of well-travelled objects this week – from the Speaker’s chair in the UK Houses of Parliament, to the memorial of an adventurous admiral. We’d also like to see pictures of your own objects and souvenirs – you can upload photos of them onto our Facebook page, or simply tell us about them in the comments section of our blog posts. Where do they come from? What do they say about you or your ancestors?

Susannah Minett, DP intern

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