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02 April 2012

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Daffodils in bloom

April and spring has sprung, the days are longer and fingers-crossed the weather will be wonderful and warm for the month ahead.

This month we have been inspired by the Local Leaders Garden for the Games campaign and all things floral so it’s a month of gardens gardens gardens!  Wild ones, grand one, big ones, small ones, allotments, community spaces and veggie patches.  Then to round it all off at the end of this month we’ll be looking at gardens from a gathering point of view.  It might be the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay is travelling past your front garden, or you’ll be preparing for a summer of bbq’s in the back garden for all the medal winning celebrations ahead, or perhaps you’ll be having a festival in your garden,  we’ll help get you in the mood for a summer of celebrating.


This week we’re focusing on Meadows.  Discovering Places have been working with the London 2012 Sustainability team on their project Mad about Meadows and later this month we’ll start work on a meadows planting project.  We’re going in with the Meet the Species team to survey the grounds where the meadows will be planted to see what wildlife there is.  Then we’ll come back in June once the flowers are out and survey again and see what wildlife the meadow has attracted.  The project takes place on a housing estate in East London and we’ll be working with the young people on the estate so hopefully we’ll inspire some future award-winning gardeners or even naturalists.


Meanwhile, in a tiny courtyard of South London, a very small patch of garden has been busy blooming yellow with a slight daffodil explosion!  The last time I planted my garden with spring blubs was years ago.  Shortly after planting the bulbs (in a love heart shape around the base of a sweet rose bush in my front garden) I got a 6-month contract overseas.  So I managed to be away when my garden did in fact bloom in a wonderful love heart and was apparently the talk to the street!  This time I’ve enjoyed my gardening success daily.  Last weekend my god daughter and I planted 8 more packets of seeds and bulbs.  We are expecting a riot of flowers, colours and species in the coming months, and perhaps we’ll be planting our own Olympic rings in time for the summer celebrations!

Here’s to a week of meadows, gardens and discovery.


Post by Claire Horan, Discovering Places Project Manager.

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