Call to Action: Local Parks, Village Greens, and Three-Sided Squares

15 August 2011

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Walcot Square, Kennington, London SE11Walcot Square, Kennington, London SE11

I’m back from the Wilderness ….. literally!  Well kind of.  Actually from the wilderness of Oxfordshire where I spent Sunday with the Meet the Species team discovering what was hiding in musical Cornbury countryside.  You’ll find out more about that later this week.

Also coming up this week is the great call to action.   Join Team DP as we tackle this week’s challenge of discovering  –  parks, village greens and 3 sided squares!  Parks and the village greens not much of a challenge I have to admit but what we’ve had to really think outside the box on is the 3 sided square issue.  Later this week we’ll deliver a stunning expose of one of London’s missing sides as we venture into deepest darkest Kennington and reveal how Walcott Square is in fact a TRIANGLE!

Join the conversation here or on facebook.  Why do you love your park, what is the history of your village green and why and when did your square loose it side?  Keep posting …..

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