Call to Action: Grand Gardens

16 April 2012

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Fernando Casasempere's 'Out of Sync' at Somerset House, London.Fernando Casasempere's 'Out of Sync' at Somerset House, London.

The call to action this week is Grand Gardens and this really conjures up for me gardens of the past, the gardens of great stately homes and palaces, and of course public gardens and the history of how they came to be.

I had planned to write about Kew Gardens, in London and why in my eyes it is the garden that had the grandest of visions, of bringing world flora together in one spot.


But in true Discovering Places-style I discovered the most delightful garden.  In the grand setting of the Fountain Court in Somerset House on a sea of lush bright green grass is planted 10,000 ceramic daffodils.  It is an installation called Out of Sync, by Fernando Casasempere, a London-based Chilean artist.  The installation recreates the joy we feel at the site of blossoming daffodils signalling the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  It is also to remind us of the wonder and accuracy of Nature’s clock, against the backdrop of an ever-changing environment.


Gardens, weather small or large and humble or grand are living works of art I think.

I hope you enjoy this week’s wander down some great garden paths.


Post by Claire Horan, Discovering Places Project Manager.

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