Call to action: Foods from around the world, in shops, restaurants or maybe in your garden!

12 September 2011

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Streatham High RoadStreatham High Road

Next year 205 nations will be joining us as we host the London Olympics so this month we thought it would be really exciting to find out just how the world, with the 205 nations in mind, manifests itself in the UK.  This week we’re focussing on Foods from around the world, in shops, restaurants or maybe in your garden!

I started thinking about this whilst tucking into my chinese takeaway and it suddenly dawned on me that Streatham, my home town was a shining example this.

Acclaimed as having the longest high road in Europe, Streatham does tend to get a lot of negative press being the main route through to Brighton, but if you took time to stroll along it’s pavements you’d be amazed at what’s on offer, especially food wise so I’m inviting you on a trip around the world with me via Streatham High Road, let’s call it our own personal marathon!


For our aperitif, I’ll take Europe and the good ol’ UK – Fish n Chips – Kennedy’s is the place to go for English grub!  Poland and polish culture features heavily now in Streatham and there a little shops and café’s springing up all over, Kredens is a particular favourite, small, cute and great food.  A little further up there’s Troy, Greek kebabs and Meze heaven… ok it doesn’t look that great from the front but step inside and the food does all the talking.  Recently winning the Lambeth Business Awards, Bar 61 is a hidden gem in Streatham serving the yummiest Tapas you can imagine.  Served up with great customer service from the friendliest Spanish family on earth, this is the place to hang out!

Bar 61, Streatham High Road

A skip hop and triple jump and we enter Africa for our starter.  Down the dip in Streatham we’ve our own Somali village where a whole host of little bars, café’s and Somali culture is rife. The Somali Town Restaurant to name but a few.

Somali Town Restaurant

Further up the high road a wonderful Moroccan restaurant, Marrakesh Sunset, has opened its doors serving really tasty tagines that really do bring the ‘sunset’ to your bellies!

A 100 metre sprint up the high road and it’s onto the main course as we enter Asia which is officially my favourite cuisine.  From Talay Thai, Hung’s Chinese and Oishi to the Taj Mahal  – yes we Streathamites do like to think of ourselves as royal, Streatham has a spicy background and long may that continue.

Taj Mahal, Streatham

A giant leap over to the America’s is a good place for dessert, well, let’s says after a night out maybe!  No high street would be complete without a KFC – it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you can’t beat a chicken zimmer after a good night out!   Then there’s El Chico’s for a night cap, its Streatham’s liveliest restaurant by far with tequila pouring a must!

El Chico's

A 1,500 metre stretch of worldly food, right on my doorstep – now that’s what I call convenient!  The world literally is at my fingertips and now I’m getting hungry!

We look forward to hearing all about your food adventures!  Share them with us here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

Happy eating!

Anna Godsiff, DP Project Assistant




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