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06 August 2012

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Heritage Open Days -  High Royds Memorial Garden. Photograph by Mark Davis.Heritage Open Days - High Royds Memorial Garden. Photograph by Mark Davis.

Have you ever wondered what’s behind a certain door down your street, what the view from the top of the bell tower is like, or what the story behind a local landmark is? Well, once a year Heritage Open Days might just give you a chance to find out! In September thousands of events and extraordinary sites will open up across England as part of an annual celebration of our heritage and culture.

The founding principle is to increase access for everyone to these sites and their stories, so all events are free to enter.  And whilst twisting stairs and uneven surfaces mean many historic sites are not particularly access friendly, Heritage Open Days encourages organisers to think of ways to make them as open as possible. Many have large print guides available, videos for inaccessible displays, and most importantly, friendly stewards on hand to assist and explain.

Heritage Open Days – Stade Arts Project Hastings. Photograph by John Cheves.

Hastings and Gosport in particular have revolutionised their programmes through the Creative Landscapes project. Large print event leaflets are available and events include object handling sessions, quieter visiting times, and accessible bus tours.

This year, in conjunction with the English Heritage project ‘Disability in Time & Place’, we are also highlighting the many sites that have played a key role in disability history. From almshouses and workhouses to asylums and a War Memorial village, there is plenty to discover.

All the events will be listed on a fully searchable directory on the website. To find out more and discover what’s on your doorstep see or call us on 0844 335 1884.


Post by Sarah Holloway, Heritage Open Days

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