A walk along the twinkling River Itchen, Winchester

26 October 2011

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River Itchen, WinchesterRiver Itchen, Winchester

Work takes me to a conference in Winchester, (the former capital city of England). The conference strikes home quickly a sense provincial attitudes and exclusivity, which alienate me. So, I skive off for the afternoon and take a walk along the twinkling River Itchen through the water meadows just on the outskirts of the city. With the College walls in view, I find a bench and stop. The water moves swiftly through the low beds, the freedom to lose oneself in the peace of nature envelopes me and I no longer carry the frustrations of the morning at conference.

The Itchen is spectacular at many points of its 28 mile path. The water meadows at Winchester must be of the most spectacular points.

A woman passes, walking briskly with a chocolate Labrador “afternoon” she bellows cheerily in an ‘isn’t this a beautiful place’ kind of way.

Her cheery greeting boosts me again, takes me to a happier place, I breathe deeply in the clean warm (ish) air and just listen and watch. Listen and watch, my senses have been brought alive by the river in some way, now my sense of smell kicks in, something… nature?? Does nature smell like this smell I smell? It is comforting and relaxing.

My world is now about the small, apparently motionless, fish in the clear water, and birds preening themselves (I am no twitcher so please don’t ask me what birds they are).

I walk along the path along the river, or more so, I amble along the path, (me? Ambling? I live my life in 5th gear, I don’t amble!). The reeds at the banks of the water seem to dance slightly, there is a wooden bridge, I stand on the bridge. The Itchen tinkles below. The restorative value of the simplicity of nature and the beautiful River Itchen.

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