2020Vision – The Wash

21 March 2012

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Copyright © Chris GomersallCopyright © Chris Gomersall

2020VISION‘s photographers have now been out in the field for over a year and some fantastic imagery is pouring in.  Norfolk-based photographer Chris Gomersall has been spending most of his life on the mudflats of The Wash, an inhospitable place but one that is rich in birdlife.

The Wash might look like a bleak, muddy wasteland but for thousands of wintering birds, this is nothing short of a motorway service station.  There’s food in that-there-mud!  The stars of the show are the red knot which have travelled from their arctic breeding grounds to our coast – what a privilege to be able to offer these birds a home for the winter.  Chris has been out at dawn and dusk, got wet, got cold and got lonely.  But just look at this for a visual spectacle.  Turn the volume up!

Post by Peter Cairns, 2020VISION.

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