12 August 2011

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Copyright © Peter Cairns, 2020VISION, August 2011Copyright © Peter Cairns, 2020VISION, August 2011

So what has nature ever done for us?

This is a question that Simon Barnes poses in his latest RSPB Birds column, and one that conservationists need to have an answer to.  It’s easy for us to assume we don’t need nature; it’s easy to prioritise material wealth as the barometer for our society’s success – the benefits are after all, more immediate, more obvious.  But in the longer term, at a societal level, at a species level, we all need nature and the services it provides – clean air, fresh water to name just two.

Communicating this dependence however is not easy.  Let’s face it, nature just isn’t sexy enough to compete with X Factor.  And what’s more, traditional conservation-speak falls on deaf ears.  2020VISION is about changing that.  Yes it’s about establishing in the public mind, the crucial link between repairing and reconnecting nature’s broken bits and our well being, but it’s about a new approach to communicating these dry, boring, ‘green messages’.

For the first time, 20 of Britain’s top nature photographers have come together.  Their job?  To blow your socks off with a fantastic image bank that shows you (not tells you) why a wilder Britain is good for not only wildlife but crucially, for us too.  And anyone can do what 2020VISION is doing – just get out there, take some great photos of Britain’s nature and wow your  friends and workmates.  And your granny.  And the window cleaner.

What has nature ever done for us?  Check out 2020VISION and find out!


Post by Peter Cairns from 2020VISION.

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